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Radio Shack
  In today's world computers and software are an integral part of mosy any ham shack.   My station is no different. 

 There's lots of various software programs that contribute to my computing environment.  The most important of those are logging programs.  That's what I will include briefly on this page.     If I covered them all this one page would be larger than the rest of my web site.

My basic computing environment uses a HP Envy desktop computer.   It has a i7-10700 processor, 16 GB RAM, 64 bit Windows 10 operating system and a 500 Gb solid state drive.

It is hard-wired to my home LAN which delivers 200 Mbs speed.  The hardware in my shack connects to my LAN with a Netgear gigabit swich.  All my main hardware components (Radio, Amp, Tuner etc) all communicate via the LAN.

I use three 27" monitors to get the screen real estate I need for ham radio.  I have a second computer for non HAM radio needs.
I use two separate software programs for logging.  One is the DX Lab suite for general logging.  The second application I use is the N1MM Logger+ software for contesting.  Each of these software packages are optimized for their specific use, general logging or contest logging.  Both are free and available at their websites.

As I mentioned, I use three monitors in my shack.  I like a lot of screen real estate and to see lots of details.  With either of these applications you can move any of the windows as you like and also resize them.  You can close or minimize each and only see the ones you want to.
Below I have some graphics showing each of the arrangements I use for DXLab and N1MM Logger+.  Click on any of the grapgics to enlarge it.

                                                                                               N1MM+ Logger

     Screen 1                                                                                Screen 2                                                                Screen 3
Both logging programs a full of features - too many for most of us to remember.  Its a good thing the documentation is so good.

Bill Axelrod 3 Jan 2024

                                                                                                DXLab Suite

     Screen 1                                                                                Screen 2                                                                Screen 3