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Radio Shack

What's Inside?

Before loading the space with a ham station.
Oh, you say.  Empty rooms?  You can't do a contest or work DX with an empty room.
Take a look at my "Inside" page to see what happened next.

Bill Axelrod 29 March 2021

The Entrance
So now I have a ham shack.   It does have a heater/air conditioner to keep it comfortable.  But I still have a lot of work to do to get on the air.

I like this space.  The only downside is that I must go outside, down the stairs from my back deck, and around to get in it.  Had a walkway put in after these pictures were taken to keep my feet out of the mud to get inside.  Despite that, it is less than fun to down down to the shack on a chilly, rainy night.  Good thing we don't do much chilly down in North Carolina.