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My main interests are DXing and contesting.  Or maybe it's contesting and DXing.  Still not too sure of that after 65 years on the air.

I have been a CW guy for most of those years.  About fifteen years ago I developed an interest in RTTY and RTTY contesting.  In 2009 I developed an interest in six meters.  About 350 grid squares and 63 DXCC entities so far.  And I didn't realize that once I relocated out of grid EN50, my count went to ZERO, yes zero,  Had to start all over again.  Now I am about 324 grids here in FM05.

In 2012 I developed an interest in the  WSJT modes on 6 meters.  What's next?  FT4 and FT8 came along.  Not my favorites - I much prefer CW.  But if there's DX I need on these new modes, that's where you'll find me.

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Bill Axelrod 3 Jan 2024
I'll get on SSB for a DX entity I need or for an occasional contest.  But mostly you will find me on the low end of the HF bands working DX or on six meters during the E season.   At least, that's when I am not contesting.