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Multi Op
My first contest, back in 1962 at K6NCG, was a multi-operator (multi-op) contest.  That was a lot of fun.  And we did win with the highest score in our ARRL section. 

Many years later, in 2011, I rediscovered the fun of multi-op contesting.  This time at the super station built and owned by Craig Thompson, K9CT.  There, we have done a number of contests and field days.  Some of them were in a multi-one multiple operators, single transmitter)  category, most in a multi-two category (multiple operators, two transmitters, and a few other contests in a multi-multi (multiple operators, multiple transmitter) category.  All of them were fun.  We set a number of area records along the way.  And, six times so far, beat all of the East and West coast stations to win as Number 1 in the USA.  Ah, success!

The best part of being part of a multi operator team is the interaction with a group of top-notch contesters - a great group of guys.  And, of course, having the opportunity to learn from the best.

Here's a couple of pictures of our K9CT multi-op contests.  Please click on any image to enlarge it.
Bill Axelrod 17 March 2021
Some of our #1 USA wins to date were:

CQ Worldwide DX Contest SSB 2012
CQ Worldwide DX Contest SSB 2014
CQ Worldwide DX Contest RTTY 2014
CQ Worldwide DX Contest RTTY 2015
ARRL DX Contest Phone 2015
CQ Worldwide WPX Contest 2016
Now we're in Covid time.  For the present there's no multi-ops as we knew them.  For now.  Hopefully this will pass by soon and we'll be back.  Until then, we're doing a very different type of Multi-op - a distributed multi-op.

That means operators in diverse locations using a remote station.   Since moving back East,  I have been really lucky to become part of the K3AJ team.  We remote into his station and take turns as the operator.  His station is in Maryland while I am down here in North Carolina.  He has a great station, we all have a lot of fun.

But I'll be happy when in-person multi-op contesting comes back.