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Radio Shack
My goal for the K3WA ham shack was to build a complete single operator two radio (SO2R) ham shack for 160 through 6 meters with sufficient automation to support both contesting and DXing.  I wanted two similar radios and amplifiers so that I could reach for and operate each radio in exactly the same manner.  I also wanted sufficient automation to be able to control as much of my entire station as possible through my computer to streamline contest operations.  I built that in Illinois and it all worked as I had hoped.  Worked a lot of DX, won a few contests, and had a lot of fun.

Today the equipment is in a new home, the towers and antennas in Illinois are down and sold.  Now I have a new ham shack, am on the air, and use a stealth antenna to allow me to get back into DXing and contesting.

We downsized - big time.  My goal after downsizing was to put a station together that would allow me to get on in contests and work some DX.  No SO2R, no antenna farm.  Just a single radio, amplifier, and antenna..    I had all the equipment I needed to do that.  But I did not have a place to put it. 

I added a room to my new home in North Carolina which is my new radio shack.   Fortunately I had a large crawl space under the house.  OK - had it dug out and turned into a room - my Ham Cave.  That only took six months. 

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Bill Axelrod 29 March 2019