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Radio Shack
My goal for the K3WA ham shack was to build a complete single operator two radio (SO2R) ham shack for 160 through 6 meters with sufficient automation to support both contesting and DXing.  I wanted two similar radios and amplifiers so that I could reach for and operate each radio in exactly the same manner.  I also wanted sufficient automation to be able to control as much of my entire station as possible through my computer to streamline contest operations.

Today that cup should read "was" and not "is".

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 Bill Axelrod  7 March 2019
My equipment survived the move to North Carolina and is in the throes of getting setup and operating.   The towers and antennas are down, still in Illinois, and for sale.  Ahhh.

I achieved those goals - my station did all that.  But then we re-located to Pittsboro, NC.  Now its back to the drawing board.  I'll never get back to with living in a smaller home, essentially no land, and living in an antenna restricted HOA neighborhood.  The price of down-sizing.