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Shortly after moving to the Black Hole in mid-November 2008 I started to decide what I wanted my antenna farm to look like after it grew up.  Since that was more than a ten minute job, I put up a single 43 foot vertical with 32 sixty foot radials to get a basic multi-band capability going.

Good thing I did that since one week later it started to snow and hardly stopped until March.  Once the snow stopped I got a beam and a two element phased array for 30 and 40 meters up.  

In May 2009 I put up a full sized, heavy duty, quarter wave vertical for 80 meters and later converted the 43 ft vertical to an inverted L for 80 meters. 
In the early spring I got a set of four direction switched short beverage receive antennas up.  I also added a three element SteppIR on a roof tower on my garage (Beam 1).

In June 2010 I added a 80 foot tower and SteppIR DB-18E antenna (Beam 2) to provide gain antennas for both radios for SO2R contesting.

I don't have very much flat land.  I would have preferred to have these antennae farther apart to lessen the intra-station interference.  But you gotta play the cards you are dealt.

Over time I added a 7 element six meter yagi above the DB-18E and a Shared Apex Loop Array (SAL-30) for low band receiving.

You can never have enough antennae for DXing or contesting.

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Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015