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About Me
Bill Axelrod was first licensed in 1956 at the age of 13 with the call sign KN2SLL.  Subsequent calls have been K2SLL, K3DDW, W4SFP, K3WA, ND9E, and now K3WA again.  An avid DXer and contester, Bill has also operated from a variety of DX locations including KA2 (formerly US stations in Japan), KH6 (Hawaii), KL7 (Alaska), and SV0 (Greece).   Now that was fun!

Bill is a retired naval officer (31 years service).  After his first retirement he worked for defense contracting firms until his 'real' retirement in January 2009.   In retirement, he was the Chairman of the Peoria SCORE chapter ( SCORE ) until December 2013.
Now, fully retired, Bill stays occupied enjoying retirement as he grows the K3WA antenna farm, contesting, chasing those "rare" ones, engaging in the occasional rag chew, participating with the local ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) group, and preparing for the next contest.

Bill is a member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC), the Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC), the Northern Illinois DX Association (NIDXA), and the CWops club. 

All About Bill
He served as the Chairman for NIDXA's W9DXCC convention held in the Chicago, IL area from 2016 through 2018 and was selected as the NIDXA Ham of the year for that effort.

An active member of SMC, Bill has served on the SMC Board of Director for the past five years.  With my move to Pittsboro, NC I am once again active in PVRC.

Bill Axelrod 28 July 2019