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Bill Axelrod 30 March 2021
     One of the things I like to do in contests, especially during the slow times, is to give a shout out to other members of the club or clubs I belong to.  The reality is that my memory isn’t what it used to be.  It probably never was that great.  So, how do I memorize the countless number of PVRC members, much less their names?  Well, I don’t.

     That’s where call history files in N1MM+ come into play.  One of the best kept secrets in N1MM+ is that you can run more than one call history file for any given contest.  It is easy to do and takes longer to explain “how to” than it takes to do it.   These procedures and files were developed specically for the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC).   You can modify for your own club.

     Check out PVRC on the web at www.pvrc.org .

     I  created a PVRC call history file using the club's roster and a tutorial (how to).   Now I'm making that PVRC call history file available on my web site for all PVRC members who want to use it along with the tutorial.  You can use the PVRC call history file in conjunction with any other contest’s call history file - as long as you also use a call history file for the specific contest.  N1MM+ will do the data fill for stations in your entry window and also display the name of each PVRC member and display the "Name" and  “Go PVRC” for that  member.

     Download the Tutorial (How To) and the Call History file to your computer using the buttons below and follow the instructions to set up and use your PVRC Call history for any contest you want to enter.

Download the Tutorial
Download the Call History file