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Step 3
Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015
The Glen Martin roof-top tower comes in pieces - lots of pieces.  A grown up kid's dream - a giant erector set.  The manual is tiny and simplistic.  That was scary until I got into the job. 

Actually the tower went together easily.  And I was able build it inside the garage!
Only needed one call to the factory for clarification.  They were very responsive and took care of my question. 

Putting this tower together takes a lot of wrenching.  More accurately, 196 bolts with their nuts, etc.  I wish I was ambidextrous.  Now I have a right forearm much larger than the left. 

Here's the tower, with a Yaesu G-2000DXA rotator and mast in place, awaiting installation.

Almost done now.  All that's left to do is to install the tower on the roof, place the SteppIR in the tower, connect the coax and control cable, turn on the radio, and work some DX.

Click the image to enlarge it.

See step 4 to see if we were successful.  Or not.