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Step 1
This was just about the hardest part of the task.  There are many choices, more alternatives, and no right or wrong answer.  After a lot of looking and thinking I decided to use a roof tower on my detached garage. 

While I have 12 acres of land, most of it is deep ravines and useless for towers and antennae.  I have a good sized front lawn but nothing useable on the back.  My detached garage is the high point of my property with deep sloping ground on three sides.  I planned to put up a taller tower later but felt the urge to get some kind of directional antenna up as soon as possible. 
The garage is about 20' tall at the peak.  I chose a Glen Martin 17 1/2 foot tall roof mounted tower.   It is rated to more than handle the wind load of the SteppIR 3 element beam in 87 MPH winds.  And the price was very reasonable.  So away we go.

The tower came in pieces and I had the opportunity to stick build my tower.  That was a fun project.

And away we go!

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Check out Step 2 for what happened next.
Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015