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Phased Array
Spring 2009.  My first spring in Central Illinois.   The snow melted, the rain stopped, and it was antenna growing season in central Illinois.  My first project was a two element 40 Meter Phased Vertical Array.

I opted to use the DX Engineering DXE-4030VA-1 which is a full sized 40 meter vertical with a trap to allow 30 meter operation.  As you can almost see in the picture I mounted two of them in the woods in a Northeast - Southwest orientation.  It was a lot easier to put this array up before the leaves came in.  I use the Comtek Systems PVS-1 control box.  Comtek is now part of DX Engineering.

Click the image on the right to enlarge it.  If you look really hard you can see one element in the trees.
The antenna works well giving me about 3 DBd gain and 15 to 20 DB front-to-back in the NE and SW directions and about 2 db gain NW and SE.  It even has a pretty good pattern on 30 meters.  My first QSO with it was VK9GMW on Mellish Reef, long path, for an all-time new one on 30 meters so I guess it works.

Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015