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My system includes three (3) 32 inch monitors to monitor and control my station and for logging.   Two monitors connect directly to the graphics card in the computer; the other  connect via USB to video converter.
This next image shows my screen layout for all three monitors when using the N1MM Logger plus software for contesting.  Please click on the image to enlarge it.  The left hand monitor shows the DDUtil app and other contest software.

The center monitor keep the log, band map, and other N1MM Logger plus windows.  It also has the windows for the  Rotator control software which is controlled from the N1MM Logger entry windows.  I am set up to run two VFO (SO2V) mode meaning I am running two slices on the Flex, one for running in one part of the band and the other search and pouncing (S&P) for multipliers in another part of the band.  For single operator two radio (SO2R) operations the slices would be on two different bands.  The software is set up for a contest that starts this weekend, the Illinois QSO Party.  I only have one  in this log yet.

The right hand monitor contains the Flex radio showing both receivers (slices) on different barts of the band where I expect to start the contest.. 

Bill Axelrod 14 October 2015
I bought a new computer earlier this year - a tiny little Acer Veriton.  It is the little computer that can.  Intel Core7 processor, quad core.  It has 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB solid state drive.  This little guy has both USB and USB 3 ports, two video ports, and even a real serial port.  That's a lot of modern computing power in a small box.   Here's a graphic of the computer next to a track ball and paddles to give a better sense of its size.

I use the DX Labs software suite for general operations and DXing and N1MM Logger plus for contesting.

Double click on any image to enlarge it.

Some of the ancillary control equipment uses USB connectivity so I fill up all the USB ports on the computer and have a couple of external USB ports for the rest.  Some of the control equipment connects via serial cables so I use an Edgeport 8 port serial to USB converter for those. 
The three monitors appear to be one very large graphic in this screen shot.  It actually is one screen shot encompassing the three monitors.  The left hand and center parts show the DX Lab software as I use it.  The right hand third shows the Flex Radio  program.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

The screen shot shows the Flex set up to view two receive slices.  The top shows the entire 20 meter band, the bottom the 17 meter band.  Note that I rarely look at a whole band at once but narrow down the display for the area I am operating.  Conditions are very poor as I write this so I wanted to show the entire band to show some activity.