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Station Automation
To support my preference for SO2R contest operating, I depend on a high degree of automation to be able to control as much of my entire station as possible through my computer.

The automation starts with contest and general logging software.  The logging software seamlessly controls my radios.  Links to and other application software controls the amplifiers, rotators, antenna switching, filter switching, receive antenna, and band adjustments for my two SteppIR antennas all from one computer.  

As a result, whenever I change frequencies, the antennas automatically tune to that band and frequency, relays select the appropriate antenna and filters, and software turns the beam to the desired heading. 
I have no knobs to turn, switched to select, no boxes to reach for.  I can devote one hundred percent of my attention to making QSOs. 

And most importantly, since entire system is automated, I don't have to worry about making those unfortunate mistakes in the wee hours of the night that wind up doing serious damage to transceivers, amplifiers, and antennae.   It takes a lot of connections to make all this automation happen.

I was able to simplify much if my automation in my move to the Flex Radio side of life.

Bill Axelrod 10 March 2016