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My HF amplifiers are one now.  I recently received the Power Genius developed by Ranko 4O3A in conjunction with Flex Radio.

The Power Genius communicates with the Flex radio via the LAN in my shack.  It reads the Flex's frequency and also gets its keying signal over the net rather than using any cables, etc.  And more....   the Power Genius does Single Operator Two Radio (SO2R) - it is like two amplifiers in a box.  With the Flex 6700 and the Power Genius, I can do SO2R without any other equipment.  The Power Genius  160 through 6 meters loafs along at the legal limit of 1,500 watts output full duty cycle in any mode.

I still have a SPE Expert 1.3K-FA amp which puts out 1.3 KW or better on all bands.  It now is my back-up amp. 
Flex Power Genius
Bill Axelrod 15 February 2018