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6M Antenna
After my second tower went up and I got more "into" six meters, I found that I wasn't satisfied with the four element SteppIR yagi on the magic band.  Just not enough magic for me.

So, this year I got my hands on a M2 6M7, a seven element six meter yagi.  We installed it above the SteppIR DB-18E at about 85 feet.  Ran a second length of 1/2 inch hard line and am now on six meters with a bigger signal which equals more magic.

Putting up the 6M7 was a challenge.
We trammed the antenna up to the top of the tower, threaded it thought the SteppIR elements, and then bolted it to the mast.  That was quite a feat.  Kudos to Mike N7MB and Eric, N9DOA for their imagination, skill, and hard work in getting the 6M7 up.

Below are some pictures of the installation.  Please click on any of the thumbnails for a bigger view. 
Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015