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SteppIR 3 El
After a lot of thought I decided to use a SteppIR 3 element beam with the 30 and 40 meter dipole elements mostly because of its operational flexibility.  And because I was impressed with the picture on the cover of the manual.
No, that's not my QTH - even if it felt like that a number of days this past winter.

Putting this antenna, rotator, tower, cables up and getting it to work correctly wasn't a very difficult job.  Just four, count them, four simple steps. 

Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015
     1.  Build and the tower and antenna and test them
     2.  Rent a bucket truck and experienced operator
     3.  Lift the tower and then install the beam
     4.  Connect everything up and operate

All you have to do is get the stuff, make believe you read the book, do some work, and find someone who knows what the heck he is doing.

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