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Step 3
Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015
I had a lot of fun building my roof tower for the 3 element beam.  So, when I ordered this tower from AN Wireless Towers, I chose to stick build the tower.   It didn't hurt that I saved around $2,000 by buying it in pieces instead of completed 10 foot sections.  Took an awful lot of care, measuring, lifting, humping, and wrenching.  But - I got a big feeling of accomplishment out of the task.  The tower has 8 sections which are each 10 feet long.  The sections weigh between 260 and 180 pounds each.  Here's some photos of the tower going together at 2, 3, 5, and 8 sections complete.  Click any picture to enlarge it.

I was very lucky in this tower build.  I have two neighbors.  Each of them came over, unasked, to help me build some of the sections.  What great people!
I built the DB-18E in my garage.  At least most of it.  Then I moved it outside for the final assembly and testing before installation.  And here it is, on saw horses, awaiting installation in the following graphic:
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Build the Tower and Antenna