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Step 2
Dig a Great Big Hole and Install the Tower Base
The 80 ft AN Wireless self supporting tower needs a hole 9 by 9 by 5 feet deep.  More than I ever want to dig by hand.  So, here comes the big bills and the excavator's truck.

He dug and dug and soon we had a hole of the correct size.  Please click on any graphic to enlarge it.

With the hole dug and the dirt removed to make the XYL happy it was time to plunk the tower base in the hole, add a rebar cage, and fill the hole with 17 1/2 cubic yards of concrete. 

We then grounded the tower legs and added some lightning protection and conduit for the 115 VAC, coax, and control cables.
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Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015