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Step 1
Bill Axelrod 1 May 2015
Building a SteppIR DB-18E array is a big enough job that takes more than one person at times.  This antenna was much more complex than the SteppIR 3 element that I built the previous year.  This one took a lot more reading, checking, testing, and re-do than I expected.  But it did work the first time.

Building an 80 foot tower is an even bigger job that takes at least two people.  I bought the antenna in pieces rather than completed sections.  I was still pumped up from building the roof tower the previous year and really wanted the satisfaction from building my own tower.  But a heavy duty 80 ft steel tower is a different proposition than an aluminum.  But I got it done  and really enjoyed the work.  17 ft tower.  Because it was so big and heavy I needed help at times.  More help helps. 

Once it is all built it is time to erect it all.  You also need someone who is very experienced at antenna and tower building and erection, assuming that you yourself are not.  I am not. 

I was lucky to be able to hire John Crovelli, W2GD, for this project.  His advice, help, experience, and expertise were indispensable in getting this project completed. 

I enlisted the help of a friend, Bob Hultgren, also known as Builder Bob in the local area.  Bob can build almost anything.  Now he can build towers and SteppIRs.

The two graphics below show John and Builder Bob smiling at the start of the day and then John doing what he does best - working at the top of a tower.  Please click on a picture to enlarge it.

I also need to thank Curt K9UQF and my two neighbors, Jim and Gary, for their support during this process and especially for coming over unexpectedly with wrench in hand to help with the build.
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