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Bill Axelrod, K3WA, moved to Woodford County, Illinois to enjoy his retirement, the fine weather we enjoy here,  and, of course, the wonderful   propagation we experience here in the Black Hole.

Brenda, surprised me shortly after our arrival by hiring a contractor to build me a 19' by 19' dedicated ham shack in the basement. 

My family is very supportive of my hobby including my passion for disappearing for weekends at a time for contests. 

This website is about my station  and its evolution along with my on-the-air activities.

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73.....   Bill

Bill Axelrod 27 August 2015
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My wife, Brenda, and our two dogs, Bear and Isabel (Bellie for short), have gotten used to the strange sounds coming out of the radios. 

We lost both dogs due to illness in 2014.  Bear and Bellie have passed on from this life and now watch over my  radio-active life from above.